Your Family Deserves a Better Divorce

Get a divorce that protects your children, keeps you safe, keeps you out of court, and helps you move on with your life faster.

Protect your family from the harmful effects of a courtroom divorce

Retain power to decide what's best for your family

Divorce faster

Divorce is Hard

We understand you might be feeling like your life has been turned upside down. Imagine a more peaceful, respectful, and private way to get divorced, with professional guidance for your children and your finances.

Jane S.

We chose the collaborative approach because we wanted a respectful process. We were active participants in the final settlement as opposed to having a judge decide the outcome.

John D.

The collaborative divorce process was the best solution for my former spouse and me. We were able to get through the emotional crisis of divorce in a relatively short time – to the benefit of everyone involved — especially our son.

1 %
Completed Within
12 Months
1 %
Cost Less Than
$40,000 Total
1 %
Completed With Full Settlement Agreement

Find a Collaborative Professional

Choose the Collaborative Process With Your Spouse

Select the Team

  Avoid a nasty divorce where your spouse may try to starve you out by cutting off your access to cash.
  Avoid having a Judge make decisions about what is best for your family.
  Avoid a divorce where your spouse will try to hide money and assets.
  Avoid destruction of your family that will probably affect you and your children for a lifetime.

Wouldn't Your Life Be Better If You Could...

Work through your divorce on your schedule.
  Move on with your life sooner.
  Keep more money for yourself and your children instead of spending it all on attorney fees.
  Get a custody and visitation plan supported by a parenting professional.
  Keep your family’s financial information private and confidential.
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